Monday, March 23, 2009

Paper progress!

Just got an email from our adoption agency that we have US gov't approval for our adoption and the paper should arrive in the mail in a few days! Yippee! One day soon that mailbox won't be empty! Praise God, I was getting impatient!! I also talked to a client today who just adopted a baby from Ethiopia and she lives 5 mins. from us! I hope they can have playdates very soon!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Empty Mailbox, full hearts

I feel anticipation every day when I open the mailbox, and while I've got a great coupon or two, a free pair of underware at victoria's secret, and my sping mail order chicken catalog, no magical approval letter to bring our son or daughter home. I had the notary come again last night to do our W2s and a few other extra copies of papers so I can hopefully drive them home next week to harrisburg for approval, then ship 'em to DC while we wait.
Tonight is a bummer since we sent our little girl to grandma and grandpa's for 2 nights since I have a conference to go to tomorrow, and I loathe the thought of any extra daycare days since she despises it so much. This is only the second time we've spent a night away from her. It's funny, peopel think it's good for a new mom to "have time to herself" or "get away" or "have a break" from the kids. Maybe this will be true someday, but even now the thought of being away from her is like saying "oh, you must need a break from your legs, you walk so much" or, boy, you're eyes are tired from working so hard, you should just go blind for a few days to give them a rest" I feel like a vital organ is missing. Sigh, I'd rather miss her than send her to day care. we're thinking about re-hiring a new babysitter, since she's done so well with them in the past.

Plus, we have to start grooming the new nanny for #2! Soon I pray!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

wait and wait ...

well, 2 of my friends have just delivered healthy babies, and two more are pregnant with their second. We tell people of our paper pregnancy, but it's a shame it doesn't get a bigger excitment level than if we told them I was pregnant again. I think adoption is still a little misunderstood. People seem happy for you but immediatly ask "why" and "where" and kinda think we're crazy. more like off the rocker, a screw loose, few cards short of a deck... no one asked "why" or "how" or thought we were crazy when we were pregnant with our perfect little girl. Still, we wait. Still, we follow God's call. I know when we hold this child in our arms we will know we're doing the right thing, making the right choice, and follwing the right trail, even if it is the one less traveled.

So, wait we will. Our friend Tina who adopted a son from Rwanda as been sending us updates on paperwork and we have contacted the embassy to make sure we're doing the right things with our paperwork, just waiting on a reply from them.

We are waiting 4 weeks on saturday for USCIS approval.

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