Saturday, May 30, 2009

Paperwork Tango

WEll, I haven't posted much lately but we've been in a paperwork tango, trying to get our last 5 docuemnts authenticated (2 birth certs, 2 dr letters, and guardianship form). I took everything to harrisburg (notarized copies) only to find out its "illegal" to photocopy birthcertificates. Nevermind that the PA notary notaried our photocopies of birth certificates, charged us and never mentioned that little fact. Now, to make it crazier, they DID authenticate MY californai birth cert copy since that did not say "illegal to photocopy" on it. But Bill's PA cert did say that, so they rejected it. I have to go get an official state copy, they have THAT notarized, AND authenticated, even though it's an official state document.

The paperwork in this process is A JOKE, AN ABSURDITY, A PRACTICE IN IDIOCRACY.Mind you no where, by no one, are our documents certified to be authentic. Just that's it's our signature. I could have photocopied all fake stuff and everyone would have happily authenticated it as long as a notary somewhere will stamp it.
And take my money along the way. BOGUS.

Sorry to vent. Thanks.

Monday, May 18, 2009

We'll see if embedding this works. I have shamelessly lifted it from another adoption blog because I thought it was so cool -- enjoy!

Friday, May 15, 2009

It's Been mailed already, or will be mailed.

"It's already been mailed, or will be mailed" This is the reply i got from the embassy when I called a second time Monday may 4th to see where the dossier was, after almost 3 weeks had passed. I had also called monday april 27th and was told it was finished, but the US postal service would not pick up the box we had already put postage on and self addressed. So, they were waiting for an embassy employee (probably our friend Jenny) to walk it to the post offfice. This was about a 2 week wait, but our Dossier did arrive May 9, complete. Or so we thought. We found out through the Rwanda-blog-friend-Grapevine that now Medical tests cant be more than 3 months old (ours were done in Dec. 08) and we need a guardianship form for godparents, and also we need birthcertificates. You got it- notarized, stamped in harrisburg, authenticated by the State dept, and finally stamped by the embassy. The paper chase will need to be run again. This is like finding out you've been in labor for 10 hours but your cervix just got smaller. Pitocin, Anyone?

We need Paperwork Pitocin. Haha. Haha. Waaaaaaa.....

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