Saturday, April 25, 2009


I stole that title from another blog but i tohught it was funny ;) No news, but my friend Tina told me the Rwanda embassy told HER it should be no more than 5 business days to get the approval letter, and well, it's now been 10 or 11, depending if you include good firday. :( I tried to call the embassy twice on friday but both times it said enter a mailbx number, and had no voice mail or no answer. odd. anyhoo, that's the non-update. and wait. I just found out my friend jenny is expecting! she's due in December, and since our little girls are only a few weeks apart, she thinks are new baby may come in December too!! the way things are going, it looks like that may not be far off- but what an awesome present!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Rwanda Embassy - it was a clear beautiful spring day! I caught the flag mid-furl

Wasington Dc!!!

First of All, HAPPY EASTER! Let's thank Jesus for his gift to all of us, and for leading us on this wonderful journey. Secondly, thank Him for getting us to DC and the State Dept- where we almost were turned down since we had more than the 15 documents allowed in one day, but we told the nice woman at the counter that we drove from philly and it's for an adoption, and I think God changed her mind for us and she let us do all of them at once. Then off to the Embassy, but they told us we needed a cashier check and we also forgot our pre-paid return box so we drove on a wild goose chase for those 2 things, then back to the embassy! We dropped off everything and walked away with a smile, Paper Labor is in full swing! The final step now is get dossier returned with letter of no objection, and Mail it to Rwanda!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Getting closer by the minute...

Well, we are getting closer despite the sudden twist of needing to get all of our papers stamped at the state level in harrisburg, and then DC, we now have the harrisburg approval- sort of. i missed a few documents and have overnighted them to our family who, conveniently, live in harrisburg :) so hopefully we'll have themby wednesday then - We're going to DC! We have always wanted to see cherry blossoms so this will be perfect timing, God's timing is always perfect of course ! Another family adopting frmo Rwanda got their approval letter the *SAME DAY* but we're not counting on being so lucky...but we can hope and pray!
i''ve been getting nesting instincts a little more, thinking of how i'll orchestrate 2 babies at lunch, where to fit 2 babies in our bedroom (yes, we are crazy overindulgent parents with our toddler happily sleeping in her toddler bed, just east of our bed, north of the dog bed, and south of the cats' bed...we currently have, on average, 6-9 living things peacefully snoring, snoozing, tossing, turning, talking in their sleep, barking in their sleep, purring, hissing, knocking down picure frames, burowing, sometimes sleeping, crying for bottles-still-, whining for binkys, wide-eyed with insomnia, dreaming, waking, or hitting the snooze button on any given night-- whew, but i digress) 2 car seats, a double stroller... but it's thrilling to be thinking in 2's now! twice as nice, probably 4 times the chaos, but 100 times welcome, welcome, welcome to our world, little one. we're gonna love it.

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