Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Blog Stalking made easy...

Well I'm having a hard time keeping track of blogs now, so I decided to try and find everyone I "know" (ie, stalk daily progress of ) who HAS APPROVAL and are Awaiting that incredible email when we will see our son or daughter's face for the first time (referral) . So here are the ones I know about-- If you are also awaiting your referral and I left you out, please let me know so I can start obsessively checking your blog several times a day!!

1. http://africainourhearts.blogspot.com/
2. http://bowersjourneyto.blogspot.com/2009/08/approval.html
3. http://hunterandadrianne.blogspot.com/2009/09/nuns-choosing-our-child.html
4. http://thefurryrainbow.blogspot.com/2009/08/approval.html The Furr Family
5. http://racksadoptionjourney.blogspot.com/2009/08/conference-call.html The Smiths
6. http://sporesixgoingonseven.blogspot.com/2009/08/approval-and-first-day-of-school.html The Spore Family

7. http://dorbandsonajourney.blogspot.com/2009/09/no-news-yet.html The Dorband's
8. US!
I would add the the dorband's and us are going it solo- without an agency. We need extra prayers please!
So enjoy my consolidated list for your blog stalking pleasure!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Buy Dis for bruder-sister

Well, no news on our referral. I emailed our POA (power-of-attorney) Peter 3 days ago but haven't heard anything yet. What I have found is that our daughter has "discovered" a new way to get what she wants at a store. She looks up at me with big eyes and says "Mommy, buy dis for bruder-sister from Wanda (rwanda.) Of course I can't say no to that! I think she is certainly aware that a baby will be "coming to live at our house" some time in the future. While Bill and I do complete flips daily on whether or not to bring her along on this tremendous journey, at least we know either way she is aware of what is going on. We would love to hear from anyone who has brought small children to this part of the world to help weigh in on this weighty decision, or better yet, if we have any volunteers to go with us to help out that would be an ideal way for us to travel!
We'll keep the blog world posted on progress!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

No News Yet, but Thank God for Blogs!

No news yet, but we are so grateful to blogging families, which have been warning us of paperwork pitfalls as they pick up their babies in Rwanda. We are not using an agency, as are several other families in our "adoption circle" so any help from other families is greatly appreciated. I simply do not think we would be adopting if it were not for blogs and the internet. We also found a simple way to donate to our adoption effort if you feel as though you would like to do so. Any help is greatly appreciated to bring our baby home! If you want to donate money to the orphange for us to bring supplies with us, just designate it for the orphange and we will use it for that! Any help is greatly appreciated! Jen&BIll

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Holding God's hand

I have a cute story about my little girl, who is 25 months old, and her thoughts on the adoption. The other night we were falling asleep in the bed (we were on a mini vacation so she was sharing the bed with us) and I was talking to her about the adoption of her brother or sister. As I held her little hand, I said "see how mommy holds your hand when you fall asleep? Your little brother - sister (as we call him/her ) doesn't have anyone to hold his hand so we are going to go and bring him to our house. She was quiet for a minute and then said "Brother sister hold God's hand, mommmy." This was out of the blue, and I could feel tears in my eyes and said "you're right sweetie, brother-sister holds God's hand." This sentimental moment was quickly changed to a laugh when I asked her what she wants to name him/her and she was quiet for awhile, then after some thought whispered "Froggy Froggy Ribbit Ribbit". That made my night :)

No adoption news, but we're so exicted, stalking blogs like crazy for the 3 families in Rwanda now and emailing with others whose dossiers sit on Veronique's desk...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Another thought for today

An old man was sitting outside a city’s gates. A traveler stopped and asked the old man what kind of people lived in the city. He replied, “What were the people like in the city you just left?” The traveler responded that they were horrible, mean, and cheats. The old man replied, “So Shall you find the people here.” The traveler kept going past the city. A second traveler asked the old man, “What kind of people live here?” The old man replied again with a question. “What were the people like in the city you just left?” The traveler said, “They were wonderful, kind, and generous.” The old man said, “And so shall you find them here.”

midnight musings

I am still up at mindnight with a slight case of insomnia, and in the process I found about 3 new blogs tonight of families adopting from Rwanda. Two fascinating common themes I have found with almost every family adopting from Rwanda- 1. We all love Jesus and proclaim that God has called us on this journey, and 2. We almost all have biological children already. Why is this significant? Well, for one the face of adoption is radically changing as years pass. It has gone from a secret, almost shameful process to a glorious union of parents and children placed together for all the world to see. Secondly, there remains a sort of feeling (rather misconception) that adoption is a "plan B" for infertile couples. I think God wants this to change. Adoption is powerful, glorious, and should be celebrated. The fact that almost every family adopting from Rwanda that I have come across has been blessed with biological children already SCREAMS that adoption is not a plan B. This is PLAN A. This is people seeing a need in our world and picking up our Cross to follow the Lord's directive that we care for the poor, the homeless, the needy, the lonely, the widow and the orphan. Our actions will speak louder than words ever can. God is sending us, and I see a river of American families from every corner of the county is answering a call. In return we are receiving the most incredible blessing ever given to a human in this life and on this Earth- a son or daughter. Several familes have 3,4 or even 5 biological children already. No one will look at these families and think adoption was just an answer to infertility ;) We are all going to be powerful proponents of adoption - very visible, very obvious, and living testimony that every child is created equal and every child is OUR responsiblity. PLEASE don't think I am saying anything disparaging about infertile couple who adopt-- on the contrary, they have been doing all along what the rest of us SHOULD be doing. God has a reason for everything including infertility. When a couple finds they are infertile and welcomes a baby home though adoption they are carrying out one of the most beautiful directives in the Bible, to care for the orphan & become a family. But I wish it was not just infertile couples who adopt. (This is the point of my tirade...) Imagine if every one who is able to do so adopted an orphan... an incredible thought which would solve the world's orphan crisis. Having your "own" children is no excuse for not caring for the orphan with all your heart. Kind words do not solve poverty, warm wishes do not fill stomachs, and happy thoughts do not stop children from dying of diarrhea.

Now that you have seen, YOU are responsible.

For I was hungry, while you had all you needed. I was thirsty, but you drank bottled water. I was a stranger, and you wanted me deported. I needed clothes, but you needed more clothes. I was sick, and you pointed out the behaviors that led to my sickness. I was in prison, and you said I was getting what I deserved. (RESV - Richard E. Stearns Version)

I would add,
I could not afford a doctor, and you said I don't work hard enough. I could not feed my children, and you said I was lazy. I was homeless, and you assumed I would spend the money on cigarettes, so you did not give. You stepped over me while I slept on the steam vent. The school my child attends is dangerous and your solution is to move away. The house I live in is falling apart, but you just added an addition. I cannot afford a car to drive to work, but you have three.

What Would Jesus Do, Folks? What would He say to every problem facing society today? That is a powerful question.

How do YOU propose to solve the World's orphan crisis? What would YOU do? Do you need to do anything at all? Does it matter? Is it your responsibility, or someone else's? Who is "someone else"?

Who will help the person on the sidewalk? Why did I see a man with a urine bag tied to his pants begging for money outside the aquarium as I entered with my daughter, in the RICHEST COUNRTY IN THE WORLD. AND WHY DIDN'T ANYONE GIVE HIM MONEY BUT ME? BE ASHAMED. I was ashamed for America, and I was ashamed of America. There is no excuse. Only if every person was moved to love thy neighbor as thyself...

Action in rwanda

Three families from Rwanda have their children today.
Here is a link

It's so wonderful to be able to follow their stories too, as they add to their families in this fabulous way. We are getting so excited, and I can barely wrap my mind around the fact this will be us, God willing, in a few short weeks or months.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Not twins but progress...

Well it's not twins--our Poa Peter confirmed it was a typo. I am ad
itedly a bit disappointed but bill is visably releaved. I agree it would be a huge change and probably very hard on our little daughter. But in ex iting other news we heard our dossier has already gone to the orphangd!!! Yeah !! Praise God to be at this point. I'm getting REALLY excited!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Vaccines and travel companions

Well, we went to the Penn travel medicine center today and had a wonderful conversation with the RN and got all the vaccines we need. I needed yellow fever, typhoid, and my second HEP A. Bill needed yellow fever, typhoid, HEP B, HEP A, and polio booster. other considerations were mmr, rabies (i have that one) and tetanus (we both have that) Lots of needles sticks, but hopefully for a healthy trip!! We also stocked up on all manner of mosquito repellants and learned a lot about the liitle monsters. I will be wearing a permethin soaked bee-keeprs outfit my entire time in Africa. The baby will look like a permethin soaked mummy when i'm done...
(or should i say...babies??!!)


WEll, I got a copy of our adoption letter from Peter, and I read it closely and it says we're approved for TWO kids!!
Do we want TWO? Do we NOT want two? can we handle TWO? is it just a clerical error? Can we change our US immigration paperwork for TWO?
YIKES! Nevertheless, if this is God's plan, I can't say I would want to turn my back on a child! we will keep everyone posted!

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