Friday, January 8, 2010

Emergency Room For Elijah

Elijah has had a chronic cough since we adopted him, which had been over a month now. He saw the ped on tuesday, who wasn't too concerned and said he lungs were clear. He was so bad wednesday, though, he vomited everything he ate from coughing so hard. So thursday we went Back ot the peditrician where he heard crackels in both lower lung fields and sent us to the ER. Luckily we live by Children's hospital of philadelphia which is the best kids' hospital in the country. We had a good vsit there, and luckily a chest rad was clear. they gave him an albuterol inhaler to help with signs and thought it was RSV virus, and thank God they sent us home. But now poor Emilia had a 101.6 fever last night and was feeling pretty miserable. Poor kids!!! we need to go back to Africa, we were all healthier there ha ha.

The rest of Elijah's medical tests came back and there is a problem with LEAD. I wonder if other rwanda families kid's had lead problems? His level was "9" which is apparently not at lead poisioning level, but high-end of what's considered not-too-bad. I think it's because of all the cribs painted with lead paint at the orphanage. that's my theory. He was also slightly anemic. All other blood work, including re-test HIV, hep B, malaria, syphilis, thyroid, and wbc count was all normal. We are waiting on a HEP c test and stool results.

SO to any adoptive parents, MAKE SURE THEY TEST FOR LEAD!

We are praying to get two sick kids back on track. January isn't the healthiest month to do so but we'll do what we can!

Monday, January 4, 2010


Well, thank God we are home. Bill left us alone in kenya on Saturday Dec 26th, and we FINALLY got our visa to go home on Tuesday Dec 29, srriving home late wednesday night Dec 30. We waited 2 full weeks for our son's IR3 immigration visa in Nairobi. While I am still (quite) aggravated by the whole process and the incompetance and indifference of the US embassy in Nairobi, THANK GOD we did not get the visa Christmas eve. If we had, we would have left that night and traveled to amsterdam, where we would have boarded a plane from Amsterdam to detroit Christmas day. That was the plane with the bomb on it. God's hand was on the paperwork that day- although we were praying for it Christmas eve, God knew better. As it was, I was alone in kenya for 3 days but he gave me friends and helpers every step. A friend Rachel, a Jehovah's witness, from toronto, who gracioulsly helped me with my luggage not only in Nairobi, but also Amsterdam, then a nice man from Kenya / new jersery who lifeted my heavy suitcase for me and pulled it down afterwards, then carreid it to immigration for me. Finally, a nice immigration woman in Detriot (the only one I think i met in 4 weeks total)- who initially started in about how sick my child was, was he cleared by the CDC, etc- I was an emoitional mess by this time and was quite rude to her and the immigration man. She responded with pure kindness, putting me at the front of yet another long line, in which case I melted into incoherent tears and babbleing, apoligizing to her and thanking her for helping me. I think she forgave my rudeness when she realized what a wreck I was at this point. Then things went from bad to worse, at the detroit airport I waited 1 and 1/2 HOURS in a visa line only 5 people long, so I missed my philly flight. After waiting in another horrid line, i rescheduled the flgiht, then yet another security line (i think #6 at this point?) where another horrid rude TSA person barked at me to lift my suitcase, take off the BABY's shoes, etc. I started her down with an icy glare. It was not very Christian of me but I was a mother wolf at this point. These TSA people need major courtesy training. It's an abomination how they treat mothers with babies, old people, young people, everybody. Wasting our time all the while, it's clearly not enough and never will be enough to stop the real bad guys, and in the mean time everyone else suffers. Enough TSA rant.

Finally, I cleared immigration,scheduled a new flight, passed customs, security and the crowd was gone. All alone, we went up a gigantic pure white escalator with muzak playing in the background. I laughed to myself as I thought this looks like a scene in the movies with an escalator to Heaven. Far from Heaven, it was merely Detroit. LOL.
Elijah and I found a pretty fountain to sit by, and I made a much needed call to Bill. I was so happy to hear his voice. While i was talking to Bill, ignoring the baby, he proceeded to projectile vomit all over himself and a 3 foot radius around him. I saw people looking on in horror across the fountiain and wondered why- then I saw the vomit pile, and they saw an irresponsible mom chatting on her cell while a baby pukes. If only they knew our whole story.

We mercifully slept on the Philly flight, as the turbulance was apparently quite bad and had freaked out the gal next to me. I would have been a mess. happy I was so exhausted i didn't notice. The girls next to me heard what you never want to hear on a crowded plane when I sat down- I said, "Hi. I really sorry, but my baby is projectile vomiting all over everything. I brought you a waterproof mat to wear on your lap. I wanted to give you full disclosure up front. We've been traveleing for 30 hours at this point and I assure you this flight will not be as bad for you as the last 30 hours have been for me." That is exaclty what I said. Both the girls laughed (nervously) and thank God one was a mom of a 14 motnh old ad the other had been a nanny. Luckily Elijah didn't puke but slept like mommy.

We were greeted at the airport to a tearful reuinion with Bill's family, then suprised to see my dad and Deb and step sister becca and her friend Trent at our house. I have never been so happy to come home after a long trip. I heard it said it's a mother's duty to Endure. Well, I sure did. But Elijah is so sweet, doing great at home and even gettign sightly less pet-phobic. Emilia is having some sharing issues but doing ok.

Today both kids have a fever and Elijah has mouth blisters but he has a pediatrician appt. tomorrow. Also I need to bring about 6 poop containters along. yippee.

Over all, I am so incredibly proud of our family's calling to adopt our son. It's a crowing acheivement in our life and I am humbled God called us to do so. To God Be the Glory for this adoption. He called us, He Sent Elijah, and He brought us home. In His Timing.

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