Tuesday, January 4, 2011

One year Home

December 7th was the one year "gotcha day" for our family, and Dec. 30th was the day mommy and Elijah arrived beaten and exhausted and projectile vomiting in the detroit airport, narrowly missing the flight with the Amsterdam show bomber, thanks to God's hand on us. What a difference a year makes! Elijah is sitting with his sister laughing along to "Cars" video in the other room as I type, and daily hugs me and tells me "I love my family". Big sister has grown beautifully into her role, and know how to soothe her little brother when he's sad, holds his hand to cross the street (or even the room) and enjoys "teaching" him every little thing. I think she's a better sister than i ever was (sorry to my own brother!) Elijah is telling us lots of little stories, runs, jumps, and is extremely affectionate. We are blessed in so many ways. I am grateful to God that the half dozen or so books I devoured in the few short weeks between getting Elijah's referral photo, realizing we were about to adopt a toddler and not a baby, and freaking out about attachment disorder, then finally putting our trust in God and getting on that plane, have been stashed away sitting dusty on the shelf and mostly unused since their purchase- Elijah's bonding to us was as seemless as it could possibly have been. As parents, things were a little harder for us, now balancing 2 kids, 2 jobs, and a myriad of health issues with our new son. From day one, though, I knew we made the right decision. There are difficult days for us, but over time, the deep love of a parent for child grows daily. Elijah is truly our son. Just as a marriage is put together by God's hand, so is a family. We are excited to watch our family grow and see what the next year will bring.

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