Monday, August 31, 2009


WOW, What a shock as I slunk into work this morning, tired, sick,. and opened my email to find a congratualtion letter from Tina, the wonderful woman (and momma to a rwandan son) who is helping us and several other families with independant adoption through her new Mugisha Ministries. I thought she was confused and was writing to the Dorbands, another independant familiy who just got approval!! I stated to freak out when I saw another email from our POA peter, asking me if i got the approval letter from them ministry-- WHAT?!! So soon!!! PRaise God!
Of course i started crying and got hugs and high fives from all my coworkers who feel like part of my family too. My finger trembled and I was a total mess and all i could think was CALL BILL! I didn't get him at first and had a hard time completing my sentences! I got through to him and forwarded him the emails finally and he's so happy to hear the news too! My coworker Lisa got us little bottles of wine to celebrate and brought them back over her lunch break. My dad was also very excited and was actually giving some thought to going along to pick up his new grandson/daughter!!! I have to smile as I think how Great is God.
we will keep everyone posted!

Friday, August 28, 2009

You need to read this

If you want to read an awesome testimony of what God can do with one person, read this. Imagine if everyone one of us reading this blog was like Katie, or rather like Jesus working through Katie. Be prepared to cry from shame, happiness, sorrow, and joy.

In adoption news, no news. But from blog buzz, approval letters are flying out from Veronique's desk left and right. Let's hope they keep flying! from what I can tell, there are maybe 4-5 families in "front" of us?

Watch and Pray.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bigger family, bigger car, big suprise on my negotiating skills.

Well, if we're having another baby we're probably going to need more room to haul him/her. With our 2 yr old, 2 dogs, stroller, diapers, formula, stuff, trash, etc. our subaru feels crowded. Bill's camry made the decision for us when after 150,000 it seems to be croaking. So late last night we went to the toyota dealer, found a lovely hybrid highlander with low miles, and THOUGHT we negotiated a good bid. We sighned papers, and got home at 1 am last night. Imagine my suprise when i went on ebay motors this am and found the EXACT car, (same dealer, same VIN#) for about 3,000 less than we negotiated last night!!! I'm going to have to go in today and renegotiate. I think God was like, good job my child, hope you had fun negotiating, but you suck. Here is a little ammo to get a REAL deal. BAM. God is a powerful ally. Car dealers beware. His timing doesn't alaways make sense however.
Just like with the adoption. No News, but we have (hopefully) a snazzy new hybrid to haul you in, our little son or daughter!

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