Friday, October 1, 2010

Walk for Water

Our internet friends the Greer's (who adopted their son from Rwanda) are hosting a walk to raise funds for clean water for orphans in Rwanda. We plan on walking tomorrow and meeting our friends in person!
Check it out and lend your support to a very worthy cause-

For a quick update on us- Elijah is thriving and getting more talkative every day. To say he and his sister are in love is an understatement. WE've had an awesome fun packed summer with day trips every friday with a friend of mine. We managed to hit sesame place, Ventnor beach, longwood gardens, the philly zoo, camden aquarium, hershey park, and finally we are planning a New York city get-away next week and will try and post pictures. Phew! We tried to make the most of the summer and I think we did our best! Elijah and his sister love day trips and helping mommy plan them. We gotta make up for lost time for him!
I can't belive his 1 yr "gotcha" day anniversary is only 2 months away. God has blessed us in amazing abundance.

See y'all tomorrow at the walk for water! God Bless!

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