Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1800a Approval!

Yeah! We got our 1800a approval last week- Jan 26. our fingerprint appt was supposed to be Jan 31, but we went early as a walk in and (prayer answered!) they took us. We submitted our application Dec 21st. So not too bad of a wait! Now we "hurry up and wait" to get our LID (log in date) by finally sending our finished Dossier to China! Nana was nice enough to spend monday running around getting the 800a approval notarized and state authenticated, then to send it off to DC to be State Dept and Embassy authenitcated- A mere 250$ for a piece of paper to receive lots of lovely golden paper seals.
Now, best projected time to go and bring Baby Sister back from China is August. Such a long, hard wait and a broken system- of which there is no easy way over, under around or through.

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