Thursday, March 8, 2012

Paper Progess!

Well, we have an official "DTC" date (dossier-to-china") of Feb 7th, and an official "LID" (log-in date- when China officially recognizes when our paperwork arrived) of Feb 27th. Now, it should be "about 2 months" until we get approval, and then several other weeks of random paperwork. Making progress!
In other news, we are thrilled that our daughter "won the lottery" for one of our city's best charter schools. Now, all the siblings can also go there in the years to come. We're so relieved to have a schooling option and still stay in the city we love!


Silent Heroes said...

Good Evening Jen,

I was so happy to come across your blog and would love to chat with you more about your private adoption experience in Rwanda. I am also a veterinarian (Tennesse grad) and have been going to Africa for years and have always felt a calling to adopt from Rwanda. I also run a veterinary charity and support 11 projects in Africa, including 2 in Rwanda. I would love if you would take time to email me at so that I could learn a bit more about your experience. With Best Wishes, Hayley

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